A Weekend In Gdańsk Poland On a Budget

I had a lovely winter weekend in Gdańsk Poland. I stayed for 1 night from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Poland is cheaper than most European destinations, so I tracked and documented all my spending. This is a rough estimate based on the conversion rate I received when 1 British Pound was worth roughly 4.5 Polish złoty.

Gdańsk Poland
Pre Travel Preparation
Airport transfer: Easybus– £1.99

Flights: Wizz Air– £35.98

Hotel: Grand Hostel– private room- £25
Day 1
Airport to the hotel (public transport was free because it was the mayors’ funeral)

Żuraw-free to see from the outside

pierogi and a shot of cherry vodka- £6.50

Souvenir bookmark: £1

Museum of the Second World War– £5

Żurek soup and a local beer- £5
Day 2
Polish sausages with bread and salad– £3.50


Długi Targ- long market – (free to wander around)

Neptune’s fountain– (free)

Bus to the airport: £0.80

The total price of my weekend in Gdańsk Poland was…. £84.77
This was my second trip to Poland and I’m sure there will be a third. I think maybe Warszawa or Poznań will be next. The most popular destination for tourists is generally Kraków (which I have visited before). Whilst Kraków is a beautiful city, it’s not exactly a budget destination anymore. It has become popular so the prices are not very different to western Europe.

Gdańsk on the other hand was very cheap and seemed to have more domestic tourists than international. So if you want to go somewhere in Poland that is affordable and not crowded with tourists, then I would recommend Gdańsk.

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