How to Spend a Day in Oxford

What do we think of when we hear Oxford? Harry Potter and one of the world’s best universities. I really love the atmosphere and architecture of this city. I went there last summer with a friend and decided to visit again solo this month as I had a random day off work. Keep reading for some ideas on how to spend a day in Oxford.

Go for a cream tea or afternoon tea. I usually do afternoon tea with friends, so I decided to have cream tea this time because I was solo. Cream tea originates in the south of England, and involves a pot of tea, scones, jam, and clotted cream. I started the day by having this for breakfast because it was freezing outside. It was actually less than 5 degrees when I arrived at 7.30am! brrrrr

Visit the “Bridge of Sighs” Supposedly there are three bridges with this nickname and they all look similar. This one, one in Cambridge, and the one in Venice. This Oxford Bridge is actually formally known as Hertford Bridge. It’s a popular photo spot so I recommend going here earlier in the day if you want a nice photo. There was a Harry Potter scene that was filmed close to this Bridge, under the tree at the end of the street.

Radcliffe Camera is another iconic photo spot for visitors to this city. This baroque-style rotunda is a library for Oxford University students. I feel like every library building should look like this…so beautiful!

The University Church of St Mary the Virgin is definitely worth the hike to the top of the tower. It is very windy at the top but the view is really pretty. You can enter the Church for free and it costs £5 to climb the tower. There are roughly 120 steep narrow steps to the top. Perfect workout!

The Covered Market is a nice place to wander around. I saw all sorts of random shops and cafes in there. They have the most amazing plant shops that are covered with all sorts of flowers. I was advised that this is the cheapest place to buy souvenirs.

The Turf Tavern is a very old traditional pub that has been around since 1831. It’s popular because a lot of famous people have visited, including some presidents from other countries. They appear to specialise in beers, and you can have a pub lunch here. I don’t really like beer so I just ordered a small half-pint.

Balliol College is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges of Oxford University. Many of England’s political leaders studied at this college…including Boris Johnson. It’s nice to have a quick wander around the beautiful quad and visit the big dining hall where students eat. Entry is generally £5 but there is a £2 concession for students. I guess the receptionist was feeling generous that day because he gave me a discounted ticket :).

Blackwell’s Bookshop is a place for book lovers! This is one of the largest bookshops in the world and you can find books on literally any topic. There is also a coffee shop inside. The atmosphere here is so peaceful and I really enjoyed walking around all the floors of books.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on how to spend a day in Oxford. It’s a very easy day trip from London and only takes 1 hour on the train. Once you’re there, it’s also very easy to walk around because most of the attractions are close together within 5-10 minutes of each other.

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