Travel Resolutions: New Year, New Adventures

travel resolutions

I am mindful that as a travel enthusiast, I rarely sit down and reflect on the way I travel and consider whether there is potential to do some things differently. So I thought it would be interesting for me to create some travel resolutions for the year ahead.

1. Step out of my comfort zone

I am generally very open to trying new things. But that doesn’t mean I will do it! When you travel solo, it’s very easy to stick to your usual way of travelling because there is nobody to encourage or suggest a different way of doing things. For me personally, I feel that I am always hesitant to engage in adventurous activities or water sports when travelling solo. This is partly because I have a fear of becoming injured whilst on my own. So this year I am going to challenge myself to try something adventurous on one of my trips.

2. Connect with Fellow Solo Travelers

I do occasionally meet people when I travel and sometimes end up exploring or having dinner with them. But as most of my friends are not really interested in travelling, it would be useful for me to create some permanent connections with other travel enthusiasts. So this year I am challenging myself to connect more with other solo travellers. This can be done in a variety of ways (travel meet-ups, or meeting people through Facebook groups).

3. Embrace the “Tourist Experience”

Okay so…when I travel alone, I usually do it in a way where I try to blend in with the locals. I use public transport or walk, I stay in budget accommodation, and eat where the locals eat. I definitely enjoy this way of travelling, as it gives me more of an insight into the local culture. But I’ve realised it’s also okay to have a “stereotypical tourist experience” sometimes too. It’s okay to take taxis, stay in an all-inclusive hotel, or eat at a tourist trap restaurant on a main square. So this year I am challenging myself to embrace the tourist experience a bit more. This is my favourite travel resolution!

4. Step away from technology

My fourth travel resolution is to step away from technology. I tend to rely on my phone a lot when travelling solo. This is usually to stay connected with friends through texting, or to use Google Maps to find locations. So this year I am challenging myself to cut down on using my phone when travelling. Google Maps is going to be my last resort unless I am in a less safe area. I will wander around, follow road signs, and “people watch” while eating meals.

5. Celebrate Solo Travel Achievements

I think many people are guilty of not recognising the significance of their achievements. Last year a friend said to me “You are the bravest person I know…I would never go abroad alone”. I never even thought about myself as brave until she said this. So this year I am challenging myself to celebrate milestones, achievements, and personal growth attained from solo travel.

Put your travel resolutions in the comment box below. It would be interesting to see what other people think 🙂

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