Thailand Travel Tips

Thailand Travel

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in South East Asia. Being from Europe, it was such an interesting travel experience for me. The culture is completely different, so I enjoyed observing people and trying to understand the culture. Keep reading to discover my top 10 Thailand travel tips.

  1. Always ask taxi drivers to turn on the meter. Many drivers will charge you double the amount if the meter is off. Also…some drivers have also rigged the taxi meter so it will go up very fast (I have been a victim of this before) There is an app called “Grabtaxi” which you can use to avoid getting scammed at all. It is like the Uber of South-East Asia.

2. Negotiate the price before getting in a tuk-tuk. Don’t let the driver take you into any shops or restaurants. many tuk-tuk drivers receive a commission if they can get you into a shop and you buy something. So they will try to drive you around to random shops instead of the place you actually want to visit.

3. It is illegal to deface or step on Thai currency. This is because money has the King’s face on it, and you can also go to jail for insulting any member of the Thai royal family. So if you drop your money and it blows away…it’s better to try and grab it with your hand.

4. Cover your shoulders, and knees, and take your shoes off in the temple. You may also need to take your shoes off when entering some shops and restaurants. I never had to take my shoes off in the shops/restaurants in Bangkok. But this rule certainly applied in smaller cities like Chiang Rai. You should always take your shoes off when entering someone’s home.

5. Do not purchase buddha statues or images. It is illegal to remove them from the country so you won’t be going home with them. You need an export license to take buddha statues/images out of Thailand.

6. People eat with a spoon and fork. Eat from the spoon, and use the fork to scoop rice/meat onto the spoon. The fork is the equivalent of the knife we use in western countries. Thai people generally only use chopsticks to eat noodle dishes.

7. Do not touch anyone’s head. This includes touching a child’s head as well. In Thailand, the head is a sacred part of the body. It’s also rude to pass something over someone’s head.

8. Always carry toilet paper/tissue. Squat toilets are common in many places, and water is used instead of tissue. You may find toilet paper in some hotels and restaurants but it’s not guaranteed.

9. Sunscreen is expensive in Thailand. I have seen it being sold for triple the price you would pay in Europe or America. Luckily I brought sunscreen with me, so I would recommend you do this too.

10. Carry your passport/ID at all times. This may sound like common sense that most travellers would follow anyway. But in Thailand, it’s actually a legal requirement that also applies to Thai citizens.

I hope that my top 10 Thailand travel tips have given you more of an insight into what to expect in Thailand. Enjoy your trip to the Land of smiles!

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