Food to eat in Thailand

Most of my time spent in Thailand involved volunteering as an English Teacher. I did have a few days in Bangkok to be a tourist before my programme started. The majority of these photos were taken during this time. Keep reading for some inspiration on food to eat in Thailand…

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Let’s have a look at some of the tasty food I tried…

  1. Fresh coconut water in Bangkok.
  2. Very spicy noodles from a random street food cart.
  3. Sai krok Isan. This is a sausage originating from Northern Thailand.
  4. Khao Tang. A rice cake style snack.
  5. Pad Thai. I love how they covered the noodles in an omelette!
  6. Khao niao mamuang. This is a classic dessert and consists of mango with sticky rice.
  7. Chicken noodles by the river in Ratchaburi.
  8. Ice cream inside a coconut shell topped with peanuts. I had this at Chatuchak market in Bangkok.
  9. I have no idea what this is. It’s a Thai dessert with rice and something else. It was served wrapped neatly inside this beautiful leaf. I think it might be pandan…but I could be wrong.

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