Things I Have Gained From Solo Travel

Things I Have Gained From Solo Travel

I think that everybody should travel solo at least once in their life. It has actually made me develop as a person, and I view the world a lot differently from how I did before. Solo travel brings different experiences to different people. Some hate it…some love it. Either way, you will always learn something from this type of travel experience. Let me share the things I have gained from solo travel…


You are responsible for every aspect of the trip. The planning, the organising, and the problem-solving. When travelling alone you need to do more research than you would if you were with other people. I have learnt how to map my routes beforehand. I have also become comfortable with sitting at a “table for one” in restaurants. Luckily in most of Europe, it is not seen to be a big deal, and you will see local people chilling out alone in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Free Spirited Nature

I think it’s always been in my nature to be free-spirited (despite being shy). It’s not something I show at work, but my friends and family know this. Travelling has given me the courage to do whatever I want despite what may be considered “normal” by society. I remember getting caught up in the G20 riots in Hamburg Germany by accident. Most people would have run…not me. I followed the masses of riot police to see what all the fuss was about and then started taking photos.


I pay more attention to everything and anything. I end up examining people’s behaviour and learning about different cultural customs. It’s honestly been interesting to compare other cultural customs to Britain. I’m also more cautious and aware of my surroundings when travelling solo. Potential pickpockets and dodgy areas are something I can sniff out quite fast. When travelling with friends I honestly lose my awareness and pay no attention to anything.


I am known for being quite an organised person. If you ask me to meet you at 2pm…I’ll be there at 1.50pm. Something that irritates me a lot is disorganisation, but I have learnt to become patient from travelling. When I first started solo travel, flight delays would really trigger me. After 90-something flights…I am now the most chilled-out person when it comes to flight delays. I have also learnt that some countries have different views on punctuality and customer service. The waiter might take 20 minutes to come over and take your order, the cashier might slap down your money with no words and an expressionless face, and the bus/train might not even arrive at all. It takes patience to remain calm with things like this if you are not used to it.

well…I hope it has been interesting for you to read about the things I have gained from solo travel. Everyone will gain/learn something different from travel, so I find it interesting to speak to people about their travel experiences. I’m also sure there is a lot more I can learn, and look I forward to embracing more travel experiences.

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