Lisbon Destination Hostel Review

I usually only stay in hostels as a last resort if I’m travelling solo and the local hotels are too expensive for one person. But hostels are good for me in a way because I’m shy, and they give me an opportunity to meet other people and share travel tips. Keep reading to hear my verdict on Lisbon Destination Hostel:

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The Positives

There are many daily activities that take place. My picture above includes the board in reception which shows all the activities taking place each week. There was also a free daily walking tour during my stay.

✈The hostel has a bar.

✈ The staff can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

✈ Each bed has a set of privacy doors attached. This made me feel safe at night.

✈ The common area is tropical themed (look at my photo above!)

✈ It’s centrally located, on the top floor of one of Lisbon’s main train stations (the train platform to Sintra is also a 10-second walk away)

✈ Individual luggage lockers under each bed.

✈ £3 pizza dinner on Wednesday evenings.

The Negatives

✈ It is a “party style” hostel so it does get very noisy at night. I was lucky that most of the parties took place in the common area and not the rooms during my stay.

✈ There are only 2-3 toilet cubicles and around 4-5 showers. This means that it gets very busy and you may have to wait if you are not an earlier riser. Luckily I am…so the queuing started when I was already dressed and ready to go outside.

✈ My room was hot! I was there in September and the room was humid. Each bed has a mini fan attached but there really wasn’t much power in my fan.

✈ The beds do not have power outlets inside them like most other hostels. There were only a few random power outlets dotted around the room.

Would I stay here again? absolutely. It is so centrally located that it was easy for me to get everywhere. Most places could be reached by walking, and the Cais Do Sodre station is only 2 metro stops away. Cais Do Sodre is where you can find the popular Time Out Market, take ferries, and take trains to various beach areas.

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