Universal Yums Box Review- Israel

universal yums subscription box

I have discovered that one way to satisfy my wanderlust streak during periods without travel is through subscription boxes. So I decided to sign up for the universal yums subscription box to see what it’s about.

universal yums subscription box

Each month you receive a box with snacks from a particular country. The box I received was from Israel. I subscribed to the smallest box which had 7 different Israeli snacks. As you can see there was a combination of both sweet and salty snacks which I appreciated. The little yum bag had 2 different types of loose sweets.

universal yums subscription box

The box came with a magazine that contained a description of all the snacks included in the box. There were also some pages with general facts about Israel and some quizzes.

universal yums subscription box

There is also a scorecard inside the box which allows you to rate each snack. I enjoyed doing this, and hope that you can read my handwriting. One of my favourites was a chewy purple blueberry tube which tasted so good! My other favourite snack was the Bissli falafel flavoured crisps. I searched for them on eBay…but people are trying to sell them for £15 a packet. That’s a no from me 🙂 But to be honest, I really shouldn’t be eating them anyway because of how my stomach sometimes reacts to wheat.

I would rate the whole subscription box a 4/5. It’s very interactive with the quizzes and scoreboard for the snacks. The customer support is also very good. They emailed to inform me that one of the items in my box has been recalled since shipping due to an outbreak of salmonella. Click here to read a news article I found about it. They also give you the option to pause your box for a month if it’s based on the country where you live.

I think that I will try one more box and then cancel my subscription. I found a similar subscription box with international food that is a lot cheaper due to being based in the UK.

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