Porto Almada Music Apartment Review

Can you believe that renting a whole apartment in Porto was cheaper than staying in a hotel? I found Almada music on Booking.com whilst browsing for a place to stay for my recent trip to Porto. It is a quirky studio apartment in the city centre with music-themed decor. In this post, I will review the pros and cons of staying here.

Porto Almada Music

The good

✈ The apartment has a television with Netflix. I was a bit cheeky and used the account that it was already logged into.

✈ The host provided free coffee to use in the coffee machine. There is also free shower gel and a hairdryer in the bathroom.

✈ It is centrally located within walking distance of all the attractions. I never needed to take public transport at all during my whole stay. There are cafes, restaurants, a pharmacy, and supermarkets within walking distance. It is also within walking distance of trindade metro station, which has lines running directly to and from the airport. Perfect!

✈ There is heating/air conditioning which is perfect. I was warned that not all places in Portugal have heating because the country is generally not as cold as other parts of Europe.

✈ The decor is beautiful. It has been designed with a musical theme which makes this place unique.

The Bad

✈ There are 2 keys and one of them doesn’t always work. The key to the main door downstairs sometimes doesn’t turn and requires many attempts. The host did warn me about this when he gave me the key.

✈ There is no lift which means you will need to drag your luggage up flights of stairs.

✈ It can be quite noisy at night on weekends. I struggled to sleep on Friday night because I could hear drunk people living their best life outside. This is something I also read about in some of the reviews on booking.com, but I guess it can be solved with earplugs.

✈ There is heating but it doesn’t seem to reach the bedroom, because it is mostly sectioned off from the living room with a wall. The shower also doesn’t have a door which means water will go onto the floor.

I hope you found my Porto Almada Music Apartment review helpful. I would definitely recommend staying here because the cons are very minor, and it’s so convenient to be within walking distance of everything you need. Want to hear more about the city of Porto? Then click here to read my short guide on things to do in Porto.

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